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Boys, Lies, & Stereotypes

SAP: What are some things your parents could do better?

Pri: trust me to not do anything stupid…we’re sensible girls

Angel93: listen to our point of view more.. like not be so set in their views

Nish: maybe be more open minded to different cultures ‘cos we’re growing up in a different society to them and things have changed

SAP: Pri, you say that you’re sensible girls. How do your definitions of sensible differ from your parents?

SoNa: Well their definition of sensible would be different purely ‘cos of the way they were brought up. like as Pri said we have been brought up in Britain where its such a culture for women to be so independent and feisty in a sense…

Pri: it’s like to kiss him (my boyfriend) isn’t sensible for them. for me anything that I’m not comfortable with and 100% sure of isn’t sensible.

Angel93: ye like people here are quite mature and do things earlier than some other places and parents don’t understand that everyone grows up so much faster here like ‘coz of what they are exposed to in every day life kind of thing

*Mish*: my parents version of sensible would be to work and concentrate on getting into university and my version is to have a balance of fun and work and everything

Nish: ive had a conversation about boyfriends with my mum and she is like to me ‘I dont mind you having friends who are boys but i don’t see the need to have boyfriends. What’s the point?’

SAP: And what is the point? Of having boyfriends and dating casually?

Pri: its like relationships that we have from now give us a base of experience on what to expect in the future… what to tell our kids… ‘cos obviously the next generation will probably be 10 times worse

SoNa: having a boyfriend at this age can totally mature your outlook on things providing u take it in the right way… in a sense it will make clear to you what to look for in a man, and what u want in your husband

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3 Responses to Boys, Lies, & Stereotypes

  1. Sahiba January 11, 2010 at 8:27 am #

    Great insight into the young girls’ lives, and how they think. A must read for parents with teenage daughters!

  2. Lakshmi April 1, 2010 at 8:14 pm #

    I’m a young teenage Indian girl, and I have to say that while I understand where these girls are coming from, there are a lot of us who would never even think of lying to our parents. I told my parents straight when I liked a Muslim Paki boy, and even though they weren’t thrilled, they supported me because I was honest and in the end even though it didn’t work out, they helped me through the whole thing. I personally think that it’s a lot more important to be honest with your parents than to lie to them so that they don’t get disappointed because if you lie to them in the end they’ll just be even more disappointed…

  3. Shipra January 17, 2011 at 12:43 pm #

    I like lakshmi’s idea, children should be honest with their parents.

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