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Safe and sound

By Shivani Patel, Age 14

I recorded this song “Safe and Sound” in a recording studio near my home a couple of months ago. The recording session was a Diwali present from my parents and I absolutely loved the whole experience.

I first heard the song when I went to see the Hunger Games. I had already read the books and thoroughly enjoyed them. The song is truly inspiring as it talks about love and comfort, but also about never giving up and staying strong and brave.

I have always had a passion for singing that my parents fostered from an early age. From the age of six my mum has been taking me to singing lessons, even though it’s quite far from our house. I know my parents would like me to have a good qualification before pursuing this as a career, but they have always been so supportive of me, always urging me to take part in concerts and school productions.

I have always dreamt about being a singer, but I know how competitive the music industry is, and that going in without a backup plan could end badly. For this reason I agree with my parents that my singing should not jeopardise my GCSE’s and A-levels. My parents feel that once I have these qualifications they will always be there while I pursue my dream.

I suppose I am fortunate my parents haven’t restricted my singing by saying that it’s just a hobby, and that my education has to come above everything else. But there are times when I just wish I could go for it and not have to worry about anything else such as exam pressures or what my other career choices are. As an Indian child coming from a professional family there is always the pressure of having to do really well in school but I am lucky I also have the support of my family for my singing.

My parents and family have always been behind me, encouraging me to sign up for different musical activities and pushing me to perform at my best. I think without the help of my family my singing would be more of a hobby rather than a serious career choice.

Following on from the really positive response I’ve had from this recording, I’ve now signed up to an Artist Development Programme with the recording studio where I recorded my song.

I hope one day millions of people will hear and enjoy my voice.


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One Response to Safe and sound

  1. Alisha September 11, 2012 at 5:49 am #

    Beautiful. Well sung.

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