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The Rich Fool

A Bible Parable


There was once a rich man who owned a very big farm. One year, he was very lucky and the harvest brought him lots and lots of grain.

“I’m blessed,” the rich man said. “I’m so rich!”

Hearing his excitement, one of the rich man’s workers came up to him and asked, “Kind sir, you have such a good harvest this year. Would you mind sparing a few bags of your extra grain for our families?”

“No!” the rich man said in anger. “I have to keep these all for myself!”

But then the rich man started thinking. “The harvest was so great that I don’t even have space in my small barn to store it all. Oh no! What if I have to give some away?”

Worried by this thought, the rich man came up with an idea. “I will tear down my old barns, and build new, bigger barns! Ha!” he said to himself. “I have many riches stored up for many years. I can take it easy, eat, drink, and be merry!’”

Then he heard from somewhere a loud, bold voice. It was God.

“You are being foolish! Tonight you are destined to die. What, then, will you do with all those things you have stored up?”

And true indeed, the rich man died in his sleep that night, and he had to leave everything behind.

“But, but, but, my harvest…my barns….!” You could almost hear his restless soul.

The rich man couldn’t take any riches with him. The only way to take your money with you when you die is to send it on ahead to others who may use it. And how can you do that?

By sharing with others. Always.

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One Response to The Rich Fool

  1. Mimi D. November 17, 2010 at 6:14 am #

    This article is a Bible parable which tells a story about a rich man who refuses to share his great harvest. In response, God has punished him. The man’s death and his wasted fortunes have given me a new perspective on life and how we should use our fortunes.

    Once the man has become rich, he decided to tear down his old barns and build bigger ones to store all of the gain his farm has harvested. He refused to share his extra gain, thinking he could save them up for many years. This has made me think about reality and our fortunes. People, in general, go to work, get money then save it. They put it in the bank to invest, thinking they could save the money up for the future. If they’re parents, they invest their incomes to save money up for their children’s college. But after the children have gone off to college, is it really necessary to continue saving those money?

    Like the man in the story, we’re all going to die at some point and we cannot take the money with us. This story has a lesson to it. It advises us that we shouldn’t keep all the money to ourselves. Because in the future, when we’re grandmas and grandpas and we can barely do anything, there won’t be much to spend that money on. We’ll be too old to travel, too old to eat the food we used to want and too old to buy the things we used to like. So don’t be selfish and save things for later. Use it. Share it. Because “the only way to take your money with you when you die is to send it on ahead to others who may use it.”

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