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Why do we do Ārti?

Fire always moves upwards. ‘Ā’ means ‘towards’, and ‘rati’, means ‘right or virtue.’

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Flying with a baby

How soon is too soon to take an infant on a plane? Does a young baby still need a passport to travel abroad? Here’s some advice that might be especially handy when making those first few trips with your little one in tow!

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SAP todi

An immaculate misconception

The insistence on the flawlessness of a bride’s appearance irks me. Like my stubborn white hairs, I, too, want people to see me undisguised.

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Is fiction safe?

We’re worried fairytales will disappoint our girls if Prince Charming never shows up; or that Barney Stinson is a bad role model for boys. But is reality any less far-fetched?

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