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Breaking Boundaries. Uniting Families

Who We Are

We are South Asian voices who want to speak differently. People trying to rid the façade we put up in front of our families, hiding who we really are in order to act out the parts we’re supposed to play— the obedient daughter-in-law, the selfless mother, the prodigal son.

It starts early, and it starts at home. Stuck between tradition and transformation, parents and children often choose lies over fear of disappointment, keeping versions of themselves in the dark.

The South Asian community has a gay population larger than most entire countries, yet stigmatises homosexuality. In India, 93 women are raped every day, but conversations about sex are silenced. And even within South Asians who left their home country generations ago, certain beliefs about mental health, skin colour, or career choice remain imprisoned in the mentality of a time long gone.

What We Do

We are advocates of telling the truth.

Our aim is to remove shame by talking about the very things South Asian society labels ‘taboo’, and raising a future generation who will choose honesty over pretense—not having to hide their life choices just to fit into a preapproved mould.

We are a platform for awareness, a space where information, both shared and glared at, becomes the very tool by which we broaden narrow thinking.

Through social campaigns and community workshops, we encourage dialogue that tears open restrictive ideas and create space for new ideas.

“But what will people think?” That’s a sentence we want to delete for good.



Read the stories of people who have bared all, both parents and children who broke their silence to simply say it how it is.

From being taunted about body weight to hiding an acting career under the guise of a medical degree; from the weight of expectations of in-laws to the frustration of blindly following cultural practices – these true tales force the questions no one dares to ask.

So can we talk about this? Let’s start the conversation, and proceed without judgement.

Our blog is the passionate voice of people who treasure the values of their culture, yet often get trapped in its shortcomings. They have a vision, as do we, that a shift in South Asian thinking is imminent.

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